How To Choose the Right E-Waste Pick Up Service for Your Business

Electronic waste – “e-waste” – is a huge problem for the world, with landfills becoming crammed with old devices which are full of dangerous materials. Electronic waste needs to be disposed of in an environmentally safe fashion. Also, when disposing of old machines, you need to ensure your own data won’t be compromised in the process.

A Los Angeles e-waste pick-up service can take care of all your problems.  With the right disposal service as a partner, you can know your old hardware is being disposed of safely, while also ensuring you are never vulnerable to data theft.

Here’s how to find a good e-waste pick-up and disposal service for your needs.

1 – Know your device disposal needs

Before beginning the process, it’s a good idea to do a survey of your situation.  How much e-waste do you have? What sort of devices are they? How often will you need to have e-waste removed? Whenever calling an e-waste to pick up service, they’ll want to know these details before they can quote prices.

2 – Ask about their environmental waste disposal policies

You want an e-waste disposal partner who is serious about protecting the environment from the very real harm that comes from e-waste.  In particular, you’re looking to hear at least one of two things: “e-Stewards” or “R2 certified.”  These are the EPA-recognized programs for safely disposing of e-waste in a responsible fashion. Otherwise, they might just be shipping your old hardware off to China – and all that entails.

3 – Learn about their data security policies

Before giving up any old hardware, it’s best if you wipe the data yourself.  Nevertheless, you want an e-waste pick-up service with serious security policies and a commitment to protecting any data which might remain on the devices.  What methods do they use? Degaussing and shredding are the most complete and irrevocable.

4 – Talk prices and negotiate

E-waste disposal pricing can be complicated because prices will vary between types of material being disposed of. Old batteries, for example, are more difficult to safely destroy than a smartphone, so they cost more to remove. On the other hand, some hardware is potentially recyclable/resellable and your partner might pay you for those items.

So be prepared for some fairly complicated negotiations over the contract and pricing.

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