Computer Disposal

When it comes to disposing of computers, many people aren’t sure where to start. What types of materials are recyclable? How do I recycle them? Can I just toss them in the trash? Here at Green World E-Waste Removal, we want to make the process as easy for you as possible. We recycle and dispose of computers in the most environmentally sensitive way possible. Contact us to learn more and set up a FREE PICKUP.

How We Recycle and Dispose of Computers

We first identify the computer’s make and model. We then test the computer to see if it’s working properly. Once we have determined that, we clean the computer of all data and information. After that, we disassemble the computer into its component parts. Finally, we recycle or dispose of each part according to its material composition.


There are a few preparation steps you can do before we pick up your computer. First, back up any data or files you want to keep onto an external hard drive or cloud storage. Next, delete all personal information from your computer. This includes everything in your computer’s history and cookies. You should also delete any programs or software that you no longer use. Finally, unplug all cords and peripherals from your computer, and remove batteries.

Why is Computer Re-Use Beneficial?

There are many benefits to computer re-use. First, it cuts down on the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Second, it reduces the demand for new computer components, which conserves resources. Third, it provides working computers to people who may not be able to afford a new one. Finally, computer re-use helps to create jobs in the computer recycling and refurbishing industry.

Re-Purposing and Reuse

One option for computer disposal is to repurpose or reuse the components. For example, the housing of a computer can be used as a plant pot or pencil holder. The monitor can be used as a television. The keyboard can be used as a doorstop. The computer towers can be used as storage containers.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you cannot just throw your computer in the trash. Computers contain hazardous materials that can be harmful to the environment.

Yes, they do, however they don’t accept software, and their methods of computer recycling may not be as environmentally friendly.

Our computer recycling services are FREE. We will pick up your computer and recycle it for you.

While upgrading your computer is environmentally friendly, it is not always possible or cost-effective. For example, if your computer is more than five years old, the components may not be compatible with newer versions of software. In this case, it is better to recycle your computer.

If you have any questions about our computer recycling services, please contact us. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and schedule your FREE PICKUP.

The PC Disposal Process

The first part of computer recycling is identifying which components you can give away and which ones you need to submit to an electronic recycling facility. Computer monitors, printers, and even hard drives have very long lifespans, meaning that you can give these away to relatives, friends, or charity shops.

You also need to identify an electronics disposal service that offers the type of recycling you need. Some companies may offer computer recycling but won’t offer hard drive or printer recycling because they don’t have the necessary equipment.

The EPA has issued specific PC disposal guidelines to ensure that you recycle electronics effectively and efficiently while protecting your data and minimizing waste. For the basic PC disposal process, you should follow these steps:

  • Transfer any important data onto a storage device or into the cloud.
  • Remove any potentially sensitive data by using a dedicated data destruction program.
  • Delete your browsing history and sign out of any commercial programs that need a license or account.
  • Format your drives to remove all programs, data, and stored settings.
  • Try to sell or give away computers before getting in touch with an electronics recycling company.
  • Consider repurposing old equipment into a media server, communal computer, or an experimental PC dedicated to learning Linux or coding.
  • Make sure to find an electronics recycling facility that can handle all the equipment you want to dispose of, including monitors, printers, and peripherals.

Where Can I Get Computer Disposal Near Me in California?

At Green World E-Waste Removal, we accept electronics and computer equipment for disposal from all around the Los Angeles and San Bernardino areas. We offer secure, safe recycling options that will keep your data safe while also protecting the environment. Give us a call at (909) 315-1820 to find out if we can help you out today!