Want To Reduce E-Waste by Donating Electronics? Here’s What to Do.

It’s no secret that most electronic devices these days – like laptops, cell phones, and tablets – have a limited lifespan. You can easily go through several devices in just a few years, and that starts creating a lot of unused devices.

Don’t just throw them away. That only adds to the piles of e-waste cluttering up the planet. Instead, donating electronics is the better option when you don’t need them, or using an e-waste removal service to properly dispose of broken devices.

Here’s what you should keep in mind.

Five Pointers When Donating Electronics

1 – See if it’s still working

If your old device is still in working order and is simply outdated, there’s probably someone else out there who can use it. Consider donating it to a charity or local thrift shop, so that it can continue to be useful, rather than junking it.

2 – Don’t trash broken devices

E-waste is a HUGE problem already and it’s only getting worse. If your device is non-functional and you think it can’t be repaired, don’t simply throw it in the trash. Contact your nearest e-waste disposal provider and arrange for it to be properly recycled or disposed of.

3 – Back up any data, if possible

You’ll never know when an old smartphone might have one particular picture on it that you want to keep. Before donating any functional electronics, do a backup of any data on it, just in case you need it someday.

4 – Wipe your data

Most donation programs say that they’ll wipe devices on your behalf, but you really don’t want to trust something so critical to strangers. You probably have a lot of private information on there. If your device is functional, use the built-in features to wipe all the data and restore it to the original factory settings. That way there’s no chance of any of your private information remaining on it.

5 – Double-check you’ve removed any attachments you want to keep

Sometimes people may want to sell an old video game console but keep the controllers. Or they might have USB thumb drives or other devices attached. Either way, check all the ports and be sure you’ve removed any attached equipment you want to keep.

Donate Your Electronics Today

If you have old electronics in the Los Angeles area you need to get rid of, Green World E-Waste Removal can take care of it safely and effectively. Contact us to arrange a drop-off or pickup.

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