What to Do Before You Dispose of Your Old Computer: Tips and Precautions
Today’s fast-paced technological advancements render electronic equipment obsolete faster than ever before. Your once quick and responsive PC has probably slowed down with age, and new software updates may not be compatible with your old system.
So, what happens when the time comes for computer disposal? Most people would simply toss out their old computer and forget about it. However, disposing of your old computer without proper precautions can have serious environmental and legal implications.
This post discusses responsible and safe computer disposal and what you should do before getting rid of your old computer. Keep reading to learn more.
Back-Up Your Data
Before you discard your old PC, you want to back up all your important data. This may include personal files, photos, documents, bank details, passwords, and other important information.
You have countless options and ways to back up your info, including external hard drives, cloud storage, solid-state drives, and even CDs. Don’t risk sensitive data ending up in the wrong hands.
Erase Your Data
Once you back up all the critical information you need, erase data from your drive. Contrary to popular opinion, simply deleting files or formatting your hard drive won’t prevent anyone with the proper data recovery tools from accessing your information. You need to go a step further as regards deleting data.
Use data shredding or wiping software to securely erase data from your drive.
Remove and Destroy Your Storage Drive
If you have very sensitive data that you can’t risk falling into the wrong hands, removing the drive physically and destroying it is essential to protecting your data.
For example, using a hammer or drill will destroy a hard drive’s internal components, making it impossible for someone else to access previously stored data. Alternatively, seek the services of a professional shredding or data destruction service.
Computer Disposal
Once you’ve backed up your files and erased everything or destroyed the storage drive, it’s time to decide what to do with your old computer. You have various computer disposal options depending on your personal preferences and the device’s functionality.
If your computer still has some life left in it, consider donating it. Plenty of charitable organizations will accept old computers for donation to underfunded schools or families in need.
Trade In
Many big-box stores like Amazon, Best Buy, and Staples allow you to trade in your old PC for credit toward purchasing new electronic products or other items.
Electronics recycling companies will either refurbish or break down your old PC for reuse. If you choose the waste recycling option, find recycling services that meet internationally recognized recycling standards. The last thing you want is for your old PC to end up as e-waste.
Proper Computer Disposal
Disposing of computers incorrectly poses several risks. You may become a victim of identity theft, cause environmental harm, or incur hefty fines.
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